Pool Tables

Pool Tables

Before having pool tables at home was an unattainable dream for its prices, today there are numerous brands and models for all budgets.

What billiard fan has not dreamed of having a pool table at home? There are many types of pool tables and other with different dimensions, so you must be clear about where you are going to place it to buy the one that fits your space: billiard tables folding, convertible, for children, for adults, professionals, modern, antique, for outdoor, mini pool tables, American pool, multipurpose pool, etc.

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    The best pool tables of 2021:

    We present you the main reviews of the best pool tables rated by users in 2021.

    Catalog of pooltables on sale

    Thinking of buying a pooltable? We have selected a series of models based on customer ratings and sales at the best price to bring you the best that exists in the market.

    What is a pool table for kids? What is a pool table for adults?

    A pool table is a precision game in which a cue and balls of different colors are used. The table is a slate board that is lined with cloth.

    Brother and Sister playing a game with their billard table

    There are different types of billiards game: French billiards, English billiards, American billiards, Spanish billiards, Italian billiards, Indian billiards, Colombian billiards, Belgian billiards and many others. Also, other popular games that compete with pool tables are foosball tables and dartboards.

    There are billiard tables for children that are usually quite inexpensive and have a small size, whereas the billiard months for adults are usually large and robust.

    Benefits of playing pool

    1. If you practice the game of billiards you will improve coordination and attention since it is a game that requires coordination, balance and that also develops the visor-spatial notion.
    2. Improves self-esteem by increasing it as well as the motivation for having made good games.
    3. It is a game that you can play alone or you can also play with other people who will improve the bonds of friendship.
    4. Develop patience, precision and perseverance.
    5. You learn to compete to win the game.
    6. It is a game where you are yourself responsible for failure and success, for this reason it helps to develop responsibility.
    7. Develop game strategies.

    Types of billiards

    Do you know the different models of pool tables that you can buy for your home? There are different models depending on who we want it for and what we are looking for.

    husband and wife playing a game of pool on their professional pool table on their gaming room
    • Professional Pool Tables: These professional pool tables usually have a fairly large frame and are usually made of wood. They are pool tables that have a long life and that also have a beautiful design.
    group of friends playing a game of pool on their foldable pool table
    • Folding Billiard Tables: The folding pool tables are quite light and you can move them around without any problem. Professional billiards are expensive, whereas folding billiards are much cheaper. One of the advantages of this pool table is that if you don't have a lot of space at home, you can store it anywhere.
    kids playing together a game of billards on their mini table
    • Pool Tables for Kids: Children also enjoy playing billiards and it also brings many benefits in the development of each child. Billiards for children usually have a medium height or there are tabletop ones. The prices of billiards for children are cheap if you compare them with professional billiards.

    Pool table accessories

    The billiards even if you keep them in good condition, if you use it frequently things get spoiled, that's why we have selected the best accessories that are on Amazon.

    • Pool balls: Billiard balls are small and quite hard balls that are used in this sport of so much patience. The balls have different numbers and colors.
    Pool Balls inside the pool table
    • Billiard triangle: The billiard triangle for balls is necessary to play. If you don't have one, it's impossible to make a game. You can find it in plastic, which is the most common and cheap, or in wood, which is somewhat more expensive but more elegant.
    bunch of friends playing a game of pool on the pubs pool table
    • Pool Table Sticks: The sticks for playing pool are a very necessary accessory if we want to play alone or with friends. They are usually made of wood and of high quality and their price is not cheap.
    • Pool table lights: It is not the same to play a game with a dim light than with the typical light, so it is convenient to have the special lights for billiards. In addition, the pool table lights help to make a good strategy and to have greater concentration.
    solid blue ball numer two near the middle pocket
    • Pool table covers: If you want to keep the pool table in good condition it is important that you use a pool table cover. There are a wide variety of models and they are not expensive.

    How to choose the best and what to consider before buying one?

    There are several models and brands so buying a pool table is not easy. There are several factors that we must take into account before buying:

    • Before buying we must know the size you need. Where do you plan to place it? As you know there are several sizes so think about the place in the house that you are going to place it leaving some space for the movement of the game.
    • Not everyone has the same budget to spend on a pool table, there are several models and brands and quite cheap prices on pool tables. If you are thinking of buying a good professional pool table that will cost you at least 700 pounds up.
    • We must take into account the material, they are generally made mostly of wood that is hard and resistant. This you should take into account if you are thinking of placing it outside.
    • If you do not have much space at home, it is better to think about buying a folding billiard table. Once you finish the game, you fold the billiard table and store it anywhere in the house.
    • If you want a pool table that has more game options such as ping pong, table football, etc.

    How to keep pool tables in good condition?

    Every billiard table needs some maintenance care:

    • You should be careful if you eat and drink while playing.
    • It is recommend that while playing if you do not sit in the bands.
    • When you finish playing it is advisable to cover it.
    • Check if the pool table is level.
    red professional pool table ready to play

    Where to buy billard tables for kids?

    You can buy the pool tables for children in a toy store, in large supermarkets and in department stores. You can also buy billiard tables for children in online game stores or in the Amazon store that has a variety of models and very good reviews by customers.

    How do pool tables work?

    The pool table for children is very easy to use. Below we have left you a video so you can see how it works.

    What are the sizes for pool tables for adults?

    There are several dimensions of pool tables for adults from 5 foot to 12 foot. But usually, the standard pool tables are the 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft and 10ft. There are many factors that must be taken into account when buying a pool table, the main factor is the space where we are going to place it.

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