The Playmobil represent scenes of different types: there are related to nature, about everyday life and fantasy. This thematic variety will make you find the perfect Playmobil for your child to have fun and enjoy.

This is one of the toy brands that has been on the market for many years and has millions of fans. In fact, many generations have been enjoying these mythical toys. Who has never had a Playmobil in his life? It is impossible to answer this question with a NO.

There are many people who enjoy collecting these pieces and display them at home as works of art. Playmobil perfectly recreates real life characters and trades in great detail, as well as unique adventure and fantasy settings.

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    The best Playmobil toys and sets of 2021:

    We present you the main reviews of the best Playmobil toys and sets rated by users in 2021.

    Catalog of Playmobil toys on sale

    Thinking of buying a Playmobil set? We have selected a series of models based on customer ratings and sales at the best price to bring you the best that exists in the market.

    What is Playmobil?

    Playmobile is a German toy brand that has been in the market for more than 45 years, growing year after year. Playmobile is an icon in the world of toys that offers sets of individual figures or complete games.

    It all started in 1970 when Horst Brandstätter proposed to his boss to create a toy with a totally different system.

    Benefits of playing with Playmobil

    Playing Playmobile allows us to develop the symbolic game. Children create fictional situations and narratives that are essential elements for them to develop social and emotional skills.

    In short, this toys contributes to your child's learning by providing many benefits that we will see below:

    scooby doo mystery machine toy
    • It encourages individual play and cooperative play: it is a game that is ideal for children to play alone but also to encourage group work either with more children or with adults.
    • Enhances concentration and attention: It takes a lot of concentration and be very attentive to build.
    • Educational game: There are different sets of construction games that will help not only develop skills but also learn about other topics such as world history, science, the animal world, etc.

    What types of Playmobil are on Amazon?

    Playmobil has a great variety of sets of different themes, they also promote learning. Below we will list the most outstanding in sales:

    Criteria to buy the best one for your child

    This brand has a wide variety of products on the market, so we know that the choice is difficult. To choose the best one you must take into account the following criteria:

    • Age of your child: This brand has a wide variety of products so you must take into account the age of the child so that the toy is in line with their age.
    • Theme: You will have to take into account your child's taste to make the right choice. If the child likes history, you choose the Playmobil History and so with all the sets on the market.
    • Size: There are many models and sizes, depending on the space and where the child is going to build, we will choose a smaller or larger one.
    playmobil city action

    When was it was invented?

    Playmobil is one of the best-known toy brands worldwide and with a large number of fans. They are manufactured by the Brandstäter group and are based in Germany in Zirndorf. Playmobil in 1974 presented its first toys with great success in Nuremberg.

    What are Playmobil toys?

    The Playmobil are dolls that were based on children, they were manufactured in a small size so that children could carry them everywhere. It has the arms in a "U" shape to facilitate the incorporation of accessories and on the head they have a mark so that the figures can change their hats or put another type of accessory on their heads.

    This dolls represents all the human figures in society: babies, children, adults and the elderly, as well as millions of scenes with different themes.

    playmobil country farm

    There is a special line for children under three years of age, which is Playmobil 1.2.3., Whose figures and objects are larger than the original ones to avoid suffocation in children.

    Why is so popular?

    brother and sister playing with their ghostbusters sets with the firehouse, ghostbusters ecto-1 and marshmallow man

    Playmobil is a brand that since it came onto the market has had a great success worldwide. This brand represents real and everyday situations but also fictitious situations that make our imagination run wild. So much has been the success that they created a movie with the Playmobil dolls.

    Which stores sell Playmobil toys?

    If you are interested in buying this brand toys you can go to a specialized toy store or large shopping centers. At present there are also many online toy stores where you can see all the models and the latest news. In addition to each product that interests you, you can see the reviews of customers who have already bought one.

    playmobil aquarium

    For example, Playmobil has a store on Amazon with all the products on the market. If you buy and are not satisfied with the product, you can return it quickly and without giving explanations.

    Buy on sale the best Playmobil set of 2021

    Why not go for the best, if you are looking to buy a Playmobil toy? We are going to make it very easy for you: this model the Playmobil 70286 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Machine with Monster Hunting Tools and Figures and is the best Playmobil set of 2021 according to Amazon customers and with free 24 hour delivery. Don't miss out on this deal!

    Playmobil 70286 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Machine with Monster Hunting Tools and Figures, for Ages 5+
    • The roof and windshield of the Mystery Machine toy are removable
    • The rear doos open and side door slides open
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