Dolls have been accompanying children for many years, there is no childhood without one of these toys at home. Playing dolls develops a multitude of skills, also provides fun and entertaining moments.

These toys have been giving joy for years and developing skills among the little ones. The plaything make children invent and create stories for entertainment.

Currently we have a wide catalog of dolls and brands for all tastes. There are also models of all kinds: there are porcelain, plastic and rag among others. There are also large dolls, miniature dolls, mini dolls, etc.

Manufacturers are constantly developing a variety of models that allow boys and girls to develop their creativity and imagination. There are brands that have been passed down for years from generation to generation, such as the famous Barbie.

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    Catalog of dolls on sale

    What are dolls?

    Dolls are figures that depict a baby, a woman or a girl, they are made of plastic, wood, cardboard, etc. The objective of these toys is to entertain children and develop skills. Already in the time of the Egyptians there were models and they made them with wood, the Japanese make them with paper, the ancient Americans with cloth or wool, the Germans with porcelain, the Eskimos made them with sealskin, etc.

    little girl playing with her baby doll

    Children use them to play and have fun and adults often collect them to display at home.

    What are the advantages of playing with this toys?

    Playing with dolls not only entertains and amuses the little ones but also has many advantages and several benefits for children.

    This marionettes not only develop creativity and imagination but also develop roles, responsibility, fine motor skills, develop values ​​such as empathy, the ability to solve problems, eye-manual coordination, to be more supportive and loving, etc. In short, every child should play with dolls from the time they are small. Children tend to take care of their doll by covering all the basic needs.

    little girls playing to sing in a concert with her barbie pop star doll

    What types of dolls are there?

    Dolls are one of the oldest toys that exist, they can be classified according to size, material and the functions that the doll performs. There are models that look like real babies like the Nenuco, Baby Born, Nancy, other figures that are very small such as the L.O.L. Surprise Dolls! and Polly Pocket.

    This toys have evolved over time and with it acquiring functions such as peeing, pooping, crying, eating, babbling, talking. Then we have the mannequin models that are Barbie type and are always dressed up to date. These toys come with many accessories, a variety of models, and various accessories.

    The dolls can be of a variety of materials but the most used is plastic, they also tend to have a good mane so that children also have fun combing their models.

    What kind of this toys is most appropriate based on age?

    The dolls must be selected according to the age of the children. A newborn baby should use rag, cloth and soft dolls that comply with safety rules to avoid scares. Plastic figures such as Nenuco dolls are ideal for children over 2 years old. When children start with symbolic play and begin to imitate adults, baby dolls are perfect. Also today this toys already perform functions like a real baby. From 6 years old, Barbie dolls are one of the most demanded, also this models have several accessories and are versatile.

    Where to buy trending toys?

    You can buy trending dolls at any toy store or department store.

    Would you like to buy the trending dolls without leaving home? In Amazon you find all the models of the moment most sold and demanded by the smallest of the house. Also, if you buy on Amazon you can see the customer reviews, you can compare prices, you can pay it in installments, you can return it if it does not meet expectations quickly and without explanations.

    Purchase criteria to choose the best doll

    Before buying a doll you have to take into account a number of aspects. The age of the child, the model of the doll, the tastes or preferences of the child, the extra characteristics of the doll and the functionality.

    little girl feeding her baby doll

    Below we are going to detail each point so that you can make a good choice:

    • Age of the child: depending on the age of the child we will choose a doll model or another. It is important to look at the age that the manufacturer recommends. If the child is a baby, a soft doll that does not have loose parts is ideal. If the child is two years old, hard plastic dolls are ideal such as Baby Born, Nenuco, etc. When the child is 4 to 6 years old, he opts for the figures of his favorite characters. They opt for models like Barbie. At 7 they will look for models that have long hair and we can comb them.
    • Doll model: Currently there are many doll models for all tastes. There are babies that have real functionalities, barbies to imagine situations, miniature dolls, etc. There is a great variety of dolls: Nancy, Barbie, Nenuco, L.O.L surprise! or Disney princesses, among many others. We will have to take into account the child's preferences when buying a doll.
    • Extra features of the dolls and functionality: We evolve in all aspects very fast and technology also evolves. This toys are becoming more intelligent and versatile and have functions that we would not have imagined years ago. Now they babble, they can eat, cry and other actions more.

    What are the most popular dolls?

    There are several models of quite popular dolls, but in this case we are going to name the most demanded and sold.

    • Barbie is the world's best-selling and most famous doll. It is a doll that has evolved for generations and is always fashionable in clothes, cars, houses and accessories.
    • Nenuco is one of the most sold of this toys, it is a doll that is quite real and perfect to feed, care for and play.
    • Nancy is a doll that has been sold a lot and that opted to make quite modern models.
    • L.O.L. Surprise Dolls! These toys have had a great success among the little ones, their surprise effect quite liked. It has more normal models and more collectible dolls. Since it was released on the market they are sweeping.
    • Polly Pocket are tiny figures that the little ones love. You can also transport it from one place to another without problem since they occupy very little.
    • Disney Princess: Children of a certain age like to buy the Disney princess character that most identifies them.
    • Sylvanian Families are families in the shape of animals that are very successful, not only to play but many people are dedicated to collecting them.
    • Bratz are dolls with very modern clothes and that are always up to date.
    little girls playing with her barbie dolls taking her baby to a ride on her room

    What dolls are collectible?

    Currently there are a variety of toys that can be collected such as Barbie, L.O.L Surprise, Nenuco, Nancy, Polly Pocket, Sylvanian Families Disney figures and many more!

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