Best Barbie Dream House Doll Houses of the year

little girl playing on the living room with her barbie doll and her barbie dreamhouse playset

Every child enjoys playing with Barbies dolls and the Barbie doll house, as we well know they are the most popular that there are today and the ones that have been on the market since March 9, 1959. These dolls have been adapting to all kinds of changes and have been modernized.

What kid doesn't like to play with their barbies in the dollhouse? Barbie has different models of dollhouses on the market, for this reason we want to inform you of the five best that there are today, highlighting the characteristics of each product with its advantages and disadvantages. Each model of a barbie dollhouse is different and we want to help you choose the one so that best suits your needs. You are ready??? Here we go… !!

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    Buying guide and opinions

    Next we are going to talk about the five best-selling Barbie dollhouses in this 2021.

    1. Barbie Malibu House Playset - Best seller

    Barbie FXG57 Malibu House Playset

    The Malibu Barbie house is ideal for your children to play entertaining and with friends. This wonderful barbie house is priced quite well when compared to other Barbie doll house models.

    In fact, this two-story, six-bedroom home features a spacious kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and outdoor patio, Barbie's Malibu home. Some room features make them two in one. Children while playing can go around the living room to create a swing and an entertainment room.

    The Malibu house includes the house and 25 accessories such as a sofa, a dining table, a coffee table, four chairs, cutlery, food, bathroom items, a sleeping bag, a game board ... etc.

    The shower turns into a vanity and the ceiling into a bunk bed to make room for 4 Barbie dolls to sleep.

    This Barbie house has perfect dimensions of 91,39 x 41,91 x 68,61cm and weighs 0,8 kg. You can place it anywhere in the house.

    Our conclusion:

    It is a fairly spacious and complete Barbie dollhouse. It comes with various accessories and is versatile.

    • Is very wide
    • Beautiful design and with many accessories
    • Quality dollhouse at a good price
    • It is not a dollhouse that weighs a lot
    • Children really enjoy it
    • Does not include dolls

    Barbie Malibu House Playset - 2-Storey House with 6 Transforming Rooms - 25+ Furniture, Patio Fence & Accessory Pieces - 2' Wide - Gift For Kids 3+
    • ​Imaginations can move right in to the Barbie Malibu House-- the dollhouse opens to create a play space...
    • ​The 2 stories feature 6 rooms -- a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom and outdoor...

    2. Barbie Dreamhouse Playset 2020 - The most realistic

    Barbie GNH53 Dreamhouse Playset, 2020 Dreamhouse

    The Barbie Dreamhouse 2020 house is one of the most demanded dollhouse by children for its realism, it is quite large, measuring three feet high and four feet wide. This dollhouse is very complete. Since, it has three floors, eight rooms, an elevator for a maximum of four dolls, a pool with a slide and many other things that will make for continuous fun.

    This house will offer realism while they play, it has enough lights and sounds that will encourage role play among the smallest of the house.

    This dollhouse is quite magical, for example the fireplace turns into a cozy office and the sink has double function.

    The Dreamhouse dollhouse accessories come with 70 pieces, this encourages fun and imagination.

    Our conclusion:

    It is one of the most expensive Barbie doll houses but it is worth it, it is very real taking care of every last detail, it comes with many accessories and it is quite spacious. For all this, it is one of the most demanded dollhouses today by children.

    • Is a house that borders on realism and that takes care of all the details
    • Spacious and magical house
    • Comes with many accessories to play with
    • Beautiful design and is of high quality
    • Does not include dolls
    • One of the most expensive dollhouses

    Barbie Dreamhouse Playset - Dollhouse with Wheelchair-Accessible Elevator - 70 Accessories - Lights and Sounds - 4' x 3' Size - Gift For Kids 3+
    • ​Measuring an impressive 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide and featuring 3 stories, 8 rooms, all-angle play,...
    • ​Dreamy features include the working elevator with room for 4 dolls or a Barbie doll in a wheelchair, a...

    3. Barbie Story House and Doll - Best price

    Barbie DVV48 2-Story House and Doll

    Overall, this portable Barbie dollhouse is made up of two floors with multiple spaces for quiet play.

    To sum up, this Barbie house is one of the cheapest on the market if we compare it with other models. Also, this dollhouse has a bathroom with a toilet, a kitchen with a stove and sink, a living room, a dining room that if you give the backrest becomes a comfortable and elegant table and chair. Also, on the second floor if we want to relax our dolls we can turn the bed to use the spa for our barbies.

    Bring a variety of accessories to make the game more real, for example there are cutlery for two, a pot, a bottle of soap, a hairbrush, a tablet, a watch, a towel and a blanket.

    Also, it has the perfect dimensions to take it anywhere from 13,5 x 53,5 x 32cm and a weight of 1,76 Kilograms.

    Our conclusion:

    It is one of the cheapest and most comfortable Barbie houses since you can take it anywhere. It is also one of the few Barbie houses that comes with accessories and a doll.

    • Includes Barbie and accessories
    • Portable
    • It is quite complete and weighs little
    • Cheap dollhouse
    • Nice design
    • Folds up and opens easily
    • Not many accessories come
    • The quality is not as good as other models of Barbie doll houses

    Barbie DVV48 2-Story House and Doll
    • Barbie doll loves hanging out at home - this Barbie two story house is cute, contemporary and holds fun...
    • Unfold the house to reveal a two-story home with multiple play spaces

    4. Barbie FXG54 Dollhouse Portable – You will take it everywhere

    Barbie FXG54 Dollhouse Portable

    The portable Barbie doll house when you open it you have 60 cm of fun to play with your doll inside and outside the house.

    This house is more basic than other Barbie house models and only has a play floor with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dollhouse furniture and an outdoor pool. The kitchen is quite complete thanks to the Barbie accessories it comes with, for example it has a sink, a ceramic hob and a cooking pot, as well as an island with board games for two dolls.

    When Barbie wants to rest in her bedroom, she can unfold her bed and if she needs to store her clothes she will have a fairly large closet.

    Being a portable dollhouse its dimensions are 45,72 x 13,34 x 31,75cm and weighs 997,9 grams so it is perfect to take it anywhere.

    Our conclusion:

    It is a portable and cheap dollhouse, that is why it is one of the Barbie dollhouses that children demand the most.

    • Portable and weighs little
    • Perfect size
    • Very good price and good quality
    • Not many accessories come
    • Does not include dolls

    Barbie FXG54 Dollhouse, Portable 1-Story Playset, with Pool, Multi-Colour
    • ​This portable Barbie dolls house unfolds to reveal over 60 cm of indoor and outdoor storytelling fun -...
    • ​The kitchen is full of Barbie accessories, like a sink, hob and pot, plus an island with place...

    5. Barbie FAMILY Chelsea Clubhouse Portable Play - quality and price

    Barbie DWJ50 FAMILY Chelsea Clubhouse Portable Play

    Because of the Barbie Chelsea dollhouse is ideal for children to let their imaginations run wild. In fact, The family Chelsea dollhouse has two floors connected by an elevator with a fairly current and modern design.

    It is a fairly complete house and above all very fun to entertain the little ones, it has two floors connected by a great elevator, a very complete kitchen for children to develop their imagination and represent their world.

    The Chelsea house of Barbie dolls includes in the set a Barbie Chelsea doll, Besides, we talk about Barbie's little sister, dressed in pink sandals and a polka dot skirt.

    It comes with a wide variety of accessories such as a table, a bed, a cupcake on a plate, a juice box, soft drinks, ice cream, a telescope, two masks and appliances that open and close.

    This dollhouse has perfect dimensions of 6,99 x 34,29 x 26,67 cm and a weight of 453,59 grams so that you can take it everywhere.

    Our conclusion:

    It is a basic portable home with a good price. Also, unlike other models, this house comes with a stylish barbie.

    • Portable and weighs little
    • Perfect size
    • Very good price and good quality
    • Comes with barbie included
    • Not many accessories come

    Barbie DWJ50 FAMILY Chelsea Clubhouse Portable Play, Colourful Building, Doll Included, Kitchen Set Playset
    • Join the club with chelsea doll’s playhouse
    • ​Two storeys with a kitchen and lots of play space make the house a ideal getaway for young...

    What Barbie doll house to buy?

    Before launching into buying a Barbie dream house dollhouse, it is important to analyze a series of factors to choose the one that best meets your needs.

    • We must look at the size, as you well know there are large, medium and portable. Before buying make sure you are clear where you are going to place them.
    • Check if it comes with accessories or not. Besides, we already know that children enjoy a lot and develop their imagination more if it comes with complementary accessories. In general, Barbie houses usually come with accessories.
    • Look at the quality of the dollhouse but that is also going to be reflected in the price.
    • Check at the price but as we well know Barbie has a great variety, for example you can find a house for 50 pounds.
    • And finally and quite importantly, we have to see the recommended age.

    What is a Barbie Dreamhouse?

    Barbie Dreamhouse is a dollhouse that interacts. Also if you ask the house to perform certain actions, the Barbie Dream house does them for you. Also, below we have left you a video so you can see what the Barbie Dreamhouse house is capable of doing.

    Why buy a Barbie doll house?

    As a general rule, girls love to play with Barbie dolls, but they like it much more if it is complemented with one of the beautiful Barbie houses.

    • The Barbie houses can not only be used with the Barbies. However, other types of dolls that are not huge can be used.
    • In fact, you have everything from expensive doll houses to cheap Barbie doll houses. Besides, there is something for all budgets.
    • There are large models and models of dollhouses so that can be stored and transported anywhere.
    • If your child loves Barbies dolls. Then, they will surely be delighted to have a pink Barbie house.
    • The designs so that Barbie has are beautiful and characteristic. Also, they are also made with the best materials on the market.

    How to assemble a Barbie Doll House Dreamhouse?

    Before starting to assemble the Barbie Dreamhouse dollhouse it is important that you carefully read the assembly instructions. If for any reason you do not clarify with the instructions. Furthermore, we have attached an explanatory video where it is shown step by step how it is done. Besides, it is quite simple!

    Does Barbie Doll House Dreamhouse comes with accessories?

    Are you thinking of buying this wonderful dollhouse? You don't know if it comes with accessories? The Barbie Dreamhouse dollhouse comes in total with seventy pieces including furniture.

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