Action Figures

Action Figures

Action figures have been on the market for generation after generation offering children and collectors the best characters from series, movies and video games embodied in figures made of plastic. Among the most famous figures we have Batman, Superman, Joker, Iron Man, Robin, wonder woman gold, Star Wars, StarTrek and many more.

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    The best action figures of 2021:

    We present you the main reviews of the best action figures rated by users in 2021.

    Catalog of action figures on sale

    Thinking of buying an action figure? We have selected a series of models based on customer ratings and sales at the best price to bring you the best that exists in the market.

    What are action figures?

    In general, action figures represent characters from movies, video games, television series or anime. They are dolls made of plastic and have articulation points at their extremities. So, that they can be place in different positions.

    In general, these toys are quite in demand by collectors. Also by children eager to imagine and represent their battles. Although, there are action figures that are dolls. That can vary in clothes and then there are the action figures that have painted clothes.

    Where I can buy action figures?

    You can buy action figures in toy stores, in large shopping centers or in the stores of the most popular action figure brands.

    Does it appear to you to buying them without leaving home? Besides, there are online toy stores where you can buy these action figures, we are going to recommend you to buy on Amazon. Since it is a sales platform that has the most important and prominent brands in the market. They have the latest news, you see the reviews of customers, you compare prices. Also if you are not happy with the product you can return it without any problem and quickly.

    Best brands

    For those of you who like and enjoy collecting the best action figures, we are going to talk to you below about the best brands that exist in the market. If you choose any brand that we are going to name, you will not regret the choice.

    • Hasbro: brand has the best Marvel Legends figures and exclusivity. They have a good price if we compare it with the good quality of the product.
    • Sh Figuarts by Bandai is one of the best brands of figures. Also offers value for money.
    • Hot Toys is the brand that makes the best replicas of movie characters. This brand takes care of every last detail in the figure. They are bordering on reality, perfect for collectors.
    • Diamond Select makes incredibly lifelike figures. Besides, they are elaborately crafted and beautifully painted.
    • Sideshow Collectibles manufactures figures taking care of the smallest detail of the characters in the movies.
    • Iron Studios was born in 2010 manufacturing collectible superhero figures and pop culture figures. Also, they take care of detail and use very good materials.
    • Neca is one of the best known brands known worldwide.
    • DC manufactures good quality superhero and character figures. In fact, DC Multiverse are based on series, comics, movies, video games, etc.
    • Funko are figures with a design quite different from the common one. They have large heads and small bodies. They have been around since 1998. And have become very popular worldwide.
    • McFarlane is a pioneer in this niche representing the maximum detail of each joint and texture offering true works.

    kids playing with their action figures of batman and robin on their room

    Which are the most collectible?

    Looking to collect them? The ones that should be highlighted are those of the brands Hot Toys, Kaiyodo, Square Enix, Kotobukiya, Neca, Revoltech, McFarlane Toys, Marvel Select, Marvel Legends, DC Multiverse among others.

    Which ones should I collect?

    A good collector dedicates a special space to place them and establishes a budget to see what resources he has. Depending on tastes, some will collect superhero figures, other comic book figures, other video game figures and other movie figures.

    What is the most valuable action figure on the market?

    As a matter of fact, the most valuable action figures on the market is related to the globally successful movie Star Wars, the Vintage Collection series, Star Trek action figures are the most valuable currently on the market. What are you waiting for to start collecting your action figures?

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